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Kerry Reichs

Reichs-KerryKerry Reichs is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, where she learned the importance of "the lovely thank you note" and white meat only chicken salad. She is a graduate of Oberlin College, and Duke University School of Law and Sanford Institute of Public Policy. Kerry practiced law in Washington, D.C. for over six years prior to taking a sabbatical to write a novel. After discovering that sabbaticals agree with her, Kerry focused on writing full time. Mother to an active two-year old, Kerry has become adept at typing with one hand, or working so intently she will jump a mile if you sneak up behind her. Kerry lives in Washington, D.C., though she spends as much time as possible burying her toes in the sand near Charleston, South Carolina, and revisiting her old haunts of Los Angeles and London. Her books include The Best Day of Someone Else's Life, Leaving Unknown, and What You Wish For. She has also written for the television show Bones on FOX. She is currently working on her fourth book.